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Works of Art: Photos, Videos and Food Installations

To me, imagining a universe, flat or in volume, is based on the same desire to make the Other person travel. Decorate a restaurant, imagine a restaurant concept, create a unique design kitchen, bathroom, associate the opposites, bring infinities closer, build the invisible…
I conceive atmospheres by integrating works that give rhythm to the volumes. There is no conflict between the eras. I like functional art. I conceive a space around a work of art. A desk, a light fixture, a coffee table that I create as a unique piece can be the starting point of a universe that articulates around it.
Art or decoration? Or Art and Decoration?
  • Art Photography

  • Menthe, 83x110 cm - Tirage mat fine art et structure aluminium

  • Art Video

  • Vidéo - oeuvres d'Art_ Mathilde de l'Ecotais

  • Installations

  • Installation Burger et Crustacés Mathilde de l'Ecotais