Testimony – Christophe Adam

Christophe Adam. Christophe Adam. Testimony about Mathilde de l’Ecotais

Christophe Adam. Testimony about Mathilde de l’Ecotais

A collection of recipes, art photos, graphic compositions, sweet ideas, this book is everything at the same time: a delicious mix of gourmand invitations and artistic itinerary, apart from the perfect legitimacy of a book dedicated entirely to éclairs.
Mathilde is the cherry on the cake, the that allows an exercise about the éclair to become an art book, in which two sensitivities playing with colours and sensory manifestations express themselves. This work expresses the freedom of creating, the sacking of principles in order to go to the essential of matter. I create an éclair and suddenly, Mathilde makes the elements explode on the page of a picture book. Pure energy, vibrant ideas: a setting is meticulously created for each éclair, the cradle of creation is recovered, the intrinsic substance of raw materials is reconnected, elements are transcended.
All this proposes a new reading of the world: sixty-five living and mouth-watering paintings, between infinitely big and infinitely small.
Here, preparation ingredients are the territory of photography. Light and matter interplay, magical layers, I penetrate the depths of creation, the heart of ingredients and their true nature. An authentic piece of works emerges from there, the pure and simple beauty of things that Mathilde de l’Ecotais manages, in absolute blueprint and simplicity, to transmit as a gift to my rectangular metaphorical interpretations. Her photography is a kind of fireball that a new curiosity springs from… Eclair de génie is read as a fairy tale playing with abstract and concrete: a green apple, a red kiss, a whole world of imagination sets off. Beyond cooking, a story rewritten by two artists getting together in an attempt to bring each other to the forefront.
Eclair de génie is an ineffable piece of work between a photographer and a creator who explain the core of worlds, with a poetry that I like above all sharing with her.
Christophe Adam