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I am a female artist, a food photographer in Paris. I like the effervescence of the cities, as it pushes me and makes me feel the sentinel of a world that moves super - too? - fast....

I am a female food artist photographer

I like the effervescence of the cities, as it pushes me and makes me feel the sentinel of a world that moves super – too? – fast. I create as a reaction to the World surrounding me. Between silence and noise, between shadow and light, I take refuge in my working studio in order to make mincemeat of my emotions and ophthalmic memories and produce artistic photos out of them. As food photography remains by basis, it is also my cocoon, a familiar territory which gives me reassurance and refuels me between two adventures. Then, as if I responded to a cosmic attraction, I set off to explore in order to give a second life to still lives (are they still?). I freeze the ephemeral, organise the organic: I like to think that I am taming Nature, but it is Nature that tames me. In my abstract photographs, the Earth, the Big Everything is forever alive.
After my last trip to the southern end of Japan, I produced ‘Série Noire’, an exhibition of 12 works of sculpture photographic abstract art, where fish scales rattle in ambient light and rising sun spurting out of the fine art prints like whales in the ocean. Release has been haunting me for months. Will I dare make black one of my topics? Risky acrobatics in photography. The most beautiful acrobatic figures are performed into the abyss and Yves Saint Laurent is right: ‘there isn’t’ only one black, but different kinds of black’. Yes, I will. Am I still a food photographer(?)


food photographer

food photographer

From art photography to design,

my intention is to put back to the Big Wheel the small daily life elements in order to brighten up our environment. Today, there are images everywhere, I like when they are immersive: fish, tomatoes, eggshells become modern paintings on the bottom of a design swimming pool, unique design kitchens, incredible bathrooms. Food art videos are part of an electric bar. These works of art will maybe decorate some day those motorway service areas which give me the blues!
I am an obstinate and hard-working dreamer. My dream book swarms with ideas 'dreamt' at night, which will probably be made come true some day. The 'criEAUsphère' exhibition is an example.