Philosophy of the food photography artist

« Step outside the frame to trigger a different reaction in the other person » Paul Watzlawick writes in his book ‘Changements’. Look at things differently! Respecting this drive, I – almost innately – imposed an innovative perspective in food photography and took cooking outside the kitchen. Beauty is not in conflict with utility. We can produce an abstract painting with everyday ingredients and turn it into a… swimming pool! It took a lot of audacity and perseverance in order to give life to a great number of my creations: numbered swimming pools, design kitchens, original bathrooms!
I was the first photographer to dematerialise food photography in Alain Ducasse’s ‘Grand Livre de cuisine’ in 2003. Planète Marx, made for chef Thierry Marx has not become obsolete. Published in 2005 by Minerva Publishing, it revolutionised food photography and remains a valid reference that turns a cookbook into an art book by totally transgressing all food photography rules.
A photo reporter for 10 years, my journalist past influences me: I feel that I am an observer of nature, of what the Earth, our nurturing mother, produces. As in the Ayurveda philosophy, I feel that food speaks to us if we know how to listen to and look at it. My natural curiosity constantly pushes me to observe the greatness of Nature in all everyday food items. Each ingredient has its own design, its own colour, its own waves, its own taste… like each of us!