“Belly to the Ground” photography and video installation

12 Oct “Belly to the Ground” photography and video installation

“Ventre à Terre” Photographie et installation video


du 22 octobre au 21 novembre


Galerie Au fond de la Cour
49 rue de Seine
75006 Paris

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Belly to the Ground

Mathilde de l’Ecotais has adjusted the focus of her camera. From the infinitely big to the infinitely small. A photo journey that impacts in a good or bad way our five senses. And urges us to look at and feel this nurturing Earth differently.

The planet is no longer blue like an orange, but rather red stained like this sausage that outlines the Americas. As if the ecological invoice were already expensive. Plastic pieces in relief inviting themselves to the ocean are taunting the eye, causing this irresistible desire to strip these elements off and clean the deck. Regain some balance. Avoid this chaos to which this ‘Belly to the Ground’ is leading us.

A change in altitude. The poetry of Sonia Delaunay’s works invites itself to the atmosphere. Geometrical forms, junk food versus taste. An explosion of colours that resemble African boubous. A manner to remind that what comes from somewhere else is an asset against the globalisation of our plates that standardise our diet.

What we swallow as raw material gets then mixed in our stomachs. While our brain is trying to fight against an invasive marketing symbolised by these ads of the 70s that make the stomach of this woman-model heavy. Slogans resound as madeleines of these glorious years. The end of a (nearly) happy epoch announcing chaos?

Eva Roque