The artist photographer Mathilde de l’Ecotais

My work expresses itself just like the nature inspiring me: freely

Mathilde de l’Ecotais, an artist

Mathilde de l’Ecotais, an artist


I am an unclassifiable artist. My guiding thread, my experience, my passion: food art in the broadest sense. In turn food photographer(?) , creative director, designer, producer of food art or commercials, food stylist for great chefs like Thierry Marx or Alain Ducasse, I define food as the subject of a constantly mutating work. Still life photography, either conceived for a cookbook, food packaging, or for art or design object always has the same motivation in my eyes: it must be an artistic photograph that we can consider to be a modern, abstract art painting.
My work expresses itself just like the nature inspiring me: freely.
I like getting an order and put it at the service of my work and viceversa. In every collaboration, I constantly use new ways of expression where image entirely becomes a means of expression: the tool of a prospective and emotional design. The food communication agency was born from this artist.

The photographer and the food artist: his PHILOSOPHY

« Step outside the frame to trigger a different reaction in the other person » Paul Watzlawick writes in his book ‘Changements’. Look at things differently! Respecting this drive, I – almost innately – imposed an innovative perspective in food photography and took cooking outside the kitchen…

Mathilde's portrait, artist food photographer